Purposes and Goals


1. The Philippine Eagles shall be —

E – Enlightened and innovative humanitarian
A – Animated primarily by a strong bond of brotherhood and fraternal ties.
G – God-loving, non-sectarian.
L – Law-abiding, liberty-oriented, non-political.
E – Emblazed with intense mission of
S – Service to country, its people and its community.

2. The Philippine Eagles shall evolve and construct in the Philippine society a new approach and vision in the quality and scope of humanitarian service which they shall seek to nationalize for the maximum benefit and human betterment of the Philippine Society and community.

3. They shall encourage the formation and organization of Eagles Clubs in the whole Philippine Archipelago.

4. They shall provide means for community service and healthy fellowship for their membership.

5. They shall encourage exchange of business, professional, cultural, social and other opportunities and advantages for the mutual benefits of the members and the association.

6. They shall be interested in promoting health research, scientific inquiries, education and social legislation and shall provide forum for their open discussions. They shall not debate or discuss partisan politics in the association or in the club.

7. They shall be governed by a constitution and by laws to be written hereafter, which shall be informed for all the members.

8. They shall resolve their internal problems and affairs within the fraternity or the club and without resource to the courts of justice. It shall be part of their oath not to embarrass the fraternity or the club by taking any action outside the remedy provided by the fraternity or the club on any matter which might arise in their relationship with the fraternity or the club.

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